100 Sexy Love Quotes Will Make Him Cum In His Pants Immediately

Sexy Love Quotes

Things About Sexy Love Quotes You Have To Experience It Yourself. You can start with this collection, and move on to these. Maybe he won’t cum immediately but he’ll definitely be thinking about you for the predictable future.

  1. The only thing that could make this day better is ending it with your cock inside me.
  2. I’ll be naked when you get home.
  3. Drive me crazy with your tongue tonight?
  4. Have you decided what part of my body you want to cum on tonight?
  5. Just ordered a blindfold on Amazon. I can’t wait to put it on you and tease you until you beg me to ride you.
  6. Sexy Love Quotes
  7. I want you to fuck me so hard I can’t walk tomorrow.
  8. You fuck me so good I crave it all day.
  9. All I’m doing at work today is thinking of ways to make your cock hard.
  10. I miss your body. __ Sexy Love Quotes
  11. I’ve never been with a guy who made me this horny.
  12. Sexy Love Quotes
  13. I’m going to be your dirty little slut tonight.
  14. I wish you could trade lives with me for one night so you’d get to experience how fucking good it feels when your cock is inside me.
  15. I need your tongue on my clit right this second.
  16. Just thinking about last night has me so wet.
  17. I want you to cum inside me and then I want to lick your dick clean.
  18. You’ve got me all wound up. Come over and feel how wet I am.
  19. I want to sit on your face until my clit is numb.
  20. I’m usually not that loud in bed, I just couldn’t control myself.
  21. Wake me up with your cock tomorrow.
  22. Fresh from the shower and already wanna get dirty again.
  23. Can I give you road head tonight?
  24. I’ve been a bad girl today. Punish me later?
  25. Last night was the best sex I’ve had in my life. Until tonight.
  26. I got some new sheets. Let’s get them dirty.
  27. My pussy misses you.
  28. I had to take my panties off because I got too wet thinking about you.
  29. I want you to make me moan while your cock is in my mouth.
  30. I just got myself off thinking about how sexy you look when you’re fucking me.
  31. I know you’re having a long day so just let me give you head tonight and then we’ll go to sleep early.
  32. I just realized my bra is see through. Wanna see?
  33. I just realized my panties are see through. Wanna see?
  34. I want to make you almost cum at least three times before I really let you.
  35. Spank me tonight.
  36. I got a new sex toy to use on you but I’m not going to tell you what.
  37. Use my vibrator on me tonight.
  38. How does anyone ever break up with you? You have the perfect cock.
  39. I wish you were fucking me from behind right now.
  40. You could make me cum so easily right now.
  41. I want you to cum on my face.
  42. You don’t understand how sexy you are.
  43. I bet I could make you cum in under five minutes using only my mouth.
  44. You make my pussy feel so good.
  45. I could be sucking your dick right now.
  46. I’m obsessed with the way you fuck me.
  47. I wish you were cumming in my mouth right now.
  48. I can’t wait to undress you.
  49. I can’t decide what I love more, your tongue or your cock.
  50. You’re not doing anything else tonight until you cum inside me.
  51. I never get tired of tasting your cum.
  52. I keep touching myself and thinking about the last time you fucked me.
  53. I read the craziest sex story last night and I want us to try something out…
  54. Daydreaming about your cock.
  55. You’ve turned me into such a dirty little slut.
  56. I wish your cock was in my mouth right now.
  57. I have some naughty ideas for tonight, but I’m not going to tell you what they are.
  58. No one makes me moan like you.
  59. Apparently you can make me cum super hard without even being present.
  60. I want to feel your cum inside me.
  61. Just so you know, I’m naked and thinking about you right now.
  62. You make me feel like such a hornball.
  63. Thinking about you fucking me is making me dripping wet.
  64. I’m stressed and I really need a good fucking.
  65. Tonight I want you to fuck me any way you want.
  66. You make my nipples so hard.
  67. I want to suck on your balls.
  68. I love the way you fuck me.
  69. I’m at working thinking about how bad I want you to bend me over my desk.
  70. I want to ride you backwards tonight so you can slap my ass while I cum.
  71. Tonight: where do you want to cum first?
  72. I never knew I was this perverted before.
  73. I wish I was riding you right now.
  74. I love hearing you cum. __ Sexy Love Quotes
  75. I get so wet when I think about you.
  76. I can’t remember the last guy who made me this wet.
  77. How many times do you think you can make me cum tonight?
  78. As soon as you walk in the door I want your cock in my mouth.
  79. My ass better be red tomorrow.
  80. Grab a fistful of my hair while I’m cumming tonight.
  81. I can’t wait to ride you tonight.
  82. I wish my legs were wrapped around you right now.
  83. My roommates can definitely tell how crazy you make me.
  84. I’m going to be such a dirty girl for you tonight.
  85. I want you inside me so fucking bad right now.
  86. I just thought of a part of your body I don’t think I’ve licked yet.
  87. I want to run your cock all over my tits.
  88. I want you to watch me finger myself.
  89. I was just thinking about you and I swear my nipples got hard.
  90. Want me to wrap my lips around your cock right now?
  91. I love the idea of making you lay down and instructing you not to move while I drive you crazy with my mouth.
  92. I want you to make me beg for your cock before you fuck me tonight.
  93. Would it make you hard if I showed you what panties I’m wearing today?
  94. What if you can see that they’re soaking wet?
  95. How’s work? BTW is there room under your desk for me to give you head?
  96. No one can make cum like you.
  97. I wish I was sitting on your face right now.
  98. I want you sucking on my tits while I ride you tonight.
  99. Do you want to know what I thought about when I made myself cum last night?
  100. I need your hands on my tits.
  101. About to get in the shower… there’s room for one more.
  102. Your cock makes me lose control.

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