5 Tips Helping Kids Going to The Dentist without Fear

5 Tips Helping Kids Going to The Dentist without Fear

Going to the dentist regularly is very important for every of us, especially for kids. Every parents have to make it a good habit for their children since the early age. Going to the dentist for adults is small thing but for young kids it is can be frightened  – and even scary.

According to the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation, the leading cause of  illness in childhood mostly results from tooth decay. As reported, there are nearly 16 million kids in the United States have tooth decay but has not been treated. Tooth decay and other oral problems from a young age not only affects teeth, but generally health and all of other aspects in their life.

Getting your child to the dentist can be a difficult task for parents, especially if your kid has friends with negative experiences beforeward. If you are unsure of how to get your child comfortable with dental checks, so you’re not alone. Below here we have  five tips to help your kid overcome any fear and even enjoy visiting to the dentist.

1. Make your kids feel positive before going to the dentist

Fear is typically caused by something unknown. Getting on the website of the dental office you plan to visit some pictures of the office to show your child can be helpful. When you call the office to schedule a visit, ask for arranging an appointment so you can later pass it on to your child. As you brush your child’s teeth, you should explain that the dentist will do the same type of thing later. The more information you give to them, the more empowered they can feel.

2. Be Honest and Understanding

If your child want to know something about dental works, you can tell him things like how the tooth decay are treated. Honesty is the best idea, however,you always have to remember that never tell words that sounds threatening to your child. If your child has some fears with the dentist, lets ask  him to tell you specifically what they are; try to listen and understand how they are likely feeling. Answer all of their questions, and offer positive experiences of dentals visits you have had.

3. Explain that Dentist are like a“Heroman”

Parents should make their children understand that dentists are superheroes for their teeth and explain to your them that they only get two sets of teeth. So they have to take good care of them because they have to use them for lifetime.

Try to make them understand that visits to the dentist are part of annual routine.

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, parents should take your child to the dentist twice a year. These routine should begin when your child starts getting his/her first teeth, or around age one.

4. Make the visit to Dentist exciting!

As we mentioned previously in the first step. Parents should show your child some pictures of the dental office where they are going to visit. This thing can make them excited to see the dentist.

Tell them that the dentists really have nice play areas and unique toys, which can makes it something your child will be eager to go there. And that going to the dentist is like a new adventure! Using encouraging words such as, “We get to go to the dentist” instead of, instead of “We have to go to the dentist”. Because this can be helpful in making it a fun experience.

5. Be There with your Kids

The presence of parents during the time your child go to dentist will make them feel confident and safe.

For most of kids, the separation from parents or their caretaker can cause anxiety or even a fear.

Make the agreement with dentist  that  you will staying with your child during the duration of the visit.

Beside eating healthy foods and practicing good oral maintenance, periodically taking your child to the dentist is an important way to support healthy teeth.

Hopefully these five tips will help ensure that your child is not only feel comfortable going to the dentist, but they enjoy it too!

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