Preparing Your Child for the First Day of Kindergarten 2018

Both you and your kid are probably feeling anxious about the first day of kindergarten. In whatever way, the first day of kindergarten is a major milestone for both the kids and their parents.

Kindergarten is where children learn the most basic skills which they’ll use throughout their lives and it marks the start of your child’s learning career. And it is also the beginning of new independence and self-life organized during school hours.

This article we will help to ease fears and make your child feel more excited about this breakthrough in your kids’s development.

1. Visit the Kindergarten in advance

Most of schools and kindergartens encourage students and parents attending the place before the term starts. In this way, both the child and parents can become familiar with the location, learning schedule and appearance of the school.
Parents should go to look at areas such as classroom, bathroom and cafeteria… This will be a good reassurance for your child and will help you to discuss things about the classroom, the playgrounds, lunch area of your child in advance and during school year.


2. Meet the Teacher if Possible

If possible, you should go to meet the teacher in advance because it is very important. Because in this way, both you and your child will feel comfortable with knowing her or him before class starting. And this will also a good chance for your child to get a familiar face immediately upon the first day of class.


3. Aks for Study Book of Kindergarten

Before deciding to send your kids to kindergarten, one thing very important is the schedule and the expectation of that school. It would be a good idea is to ask a copy of the handbook and read it well. If you have any questions about any thing like the rules, or requests for money etc., you should ask them as soon as possible. And it is also important to work through the rules with your child so that she or he is aware of what is expected during school year.


4. Buy School supplies for your Child

Getting school supplies is always a big fun for every children and this is also a good way to share the experience with your kids. Following the supplies list which is given to you by the school_within the boundaries it gives, you can allow your child to select his or her own favorite items to take to school. it may be simply a pencil case or name stickers etc. and that is the way you personalize your child’s things. If the school already supplies most of the items, you can still buy something else such as backpack, a new bag or similarity.


5. Discuss class Activities with your Child

One thing is very important is discussing the day’s activities with your child in advance.  And try to link it with the things that you are doing everyday. So that the child can start to see the connection between daily schedules they have to do and routine that all of us are practising.


6. Help your Child  with Daily Routine organized.

Another thing is really important is helping your kids get into the routine well-organized. This is good for both you and your child. Help them to pack the backpack and school items. Together select the outfit to wear (or lay out the uniform). In the morning, a great thing is start preparing lunches together as early on as possible. In that way, your child has a contribution in making healthy lunches and will eventually develop into packing his or her own lunch. This slowly will become good habits for your child in his future life.


7. Spend  Time talking with your Child

You should spend time together with your kid before school commences. Talking about school, about everything you love studying, about the friendships that he or she should develop at school. Make your child’s confidence by telling positive experiences and all the things your child will enjoy at school.


8. Be supportive but also learn to let go.

On the first day, you should always give plenty of hugs and reassurance to your child, but also be balanced and let go. If you’ve done a good job beforehand of emphasizing all the positives of attending school. And you have involved your child in all of preparations. This should be an exciting and fun opportunity for your child and he or she will feel more willing to go to kindergarten.  Tell your child that you’ll be waiting for her or him after school ending and be assure to be on time to pick up them!


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