Dirty Quotes With Pictures [27 Sexts That’ll Get Him Hard]

Dirty Quotes With Pictures

Why Is Dirty Quotes With Pictures Considered Underrated? Sometimes, love quotes need not be so sweet. They must also be steamy, sexy and… dirty.

It is not undeniable that sexual tension, especially at the time of starting a relationship, is present to couples and these sexual needs to be always there for a sweeter, more celebrated unions. So, if you feel like you are in need of spice, check out our 27 Dirty Quotes With Pictures and learn a few thumps you can throw at your lover, tonight, perhaps!

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1. Do you have a minute to run off to the bathroom? I’m about to send you a picture that you’re going to want to masturbate to.

2. I guess I better keep quiet, because all of the things I’m thinking about doing to you are NSFW.

3. Come home, so I can take the vibrator out from between my legs and push your head down there.

4. I wish I could climb under your desk and suck you off.

5. I hope you don’t have to work late tonight. I don’t know how much longer I can go without your cum dripping down my throat.

Dirty Quotes With Pictures

6. I know work is stressful, so I’m going to help you relax when you get home. I’ll start with a massage and end with oral.

7. As soon as I see you, I’m going to rip your tie off your neck and use it as a blindfold.

8. How much are you making today? I’ll pay you double to come home and shove your dick in me.

9. It’s not fair for you to be stuck at work when I’m this fucking wet.

10. I know you’re at work, but I’ve been picturing you standing over me, thrusting into my tight pussy.

Dirty Quotes With Pictures

11. Is there a private place in your building where we can have a quickie? If so, I’ll make it happen.

12. I’d tell you what I’m doing to myself right now, but I wouldn’t want to get you hard at work.

13. Don’t let anyone look at your phone. I’m about to send you the dirtiest texts you’ve ever seen in your life.

14. Come home during your lunch break, so you can eat the sandwich I made you and then eat me out.

15. Don’t use up all of your energy at work, because I’m planning on making you work overtime tonight.

Very Sexy Quotes With Images

16. As soon as you get home, I’m going to rip your work clothes off. But my clothes will already be off.

17. I know you had a rough day, but it’ll all be worth it once you see the skimpy lingerie I’m wearing.

18. When’s your lunch break? I want to drive down there and fuck you in the back of the car.

19. I know you can’t hear it, but I’m rubbing my clit and moaning your name.

20. What time are you coming home? I miss feeling your cock pressed against my ass.

Dirty sexy phrases

21. You’re such a hard worker. But I’m not going to make you do any of the work tonight.

22. You make me so fucking wet from miles away. Imagine what you could do if you were on top of me.

23. Don’t worry. I’m going to help you de-stress by going down on you as soon as you walk through the door.

24. Give me a call when you get the chance, so you can hear me moan while I touch myself.

25. I want to drive down there and fuck you in front of everyone you know.

26. Since you’re bringing home the dough tonight, I figured I’d bring home some new sex toys tonight.

27. By the time you get home, I’m going to be sprawled out on the bed with only a bra on. You can do whatever you want once you find  me.

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